Phone: 713-686-3300

1729 W 34th Street
Houston, TX 77018

New Board Shipments all the time!


The SURFHOUSE has been Houston's Favorite Since 1967. Shopping in the Surfhouse is a step into true surf culture, as it was, as it is, and as it will be.... Lots of surf gear and memorabilia! Original owners, Carol and Lloyd can help with anything. Also specializing in core skate. Pro level components only - longboard - retro. Skate board assembly while you wait.

CORE SKATE- DECKS: Toy Machine Powell Girl Darkstar Birdhouse Habitat Zoo York Baker Element .Tony Hawk Hook Ups .Real Scum 151 World Industries Blind Zero City Stars Shorty's Lucky Alva .Beer City Ejoi Chocolate Pig Z-Flex Aesthetics .Brigade Deca .Foundation Stink TRUCKS: Independent Venture Tracker Destructo Tensor Orion Fury Thunder Titan Monster Randal Phantom Krux Grind King

SURF? in Texas? Naahh

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